Swamiji selvam siddhar

Renuka and Jamadagni

Jamadagni was a descendent of Sage Bhrigu. His wife was Renuka. His sons are Sushena,Vasu, Viashvavasu and Parashurama. Jamadagni engaged deeply in study and obtained the entire posession of the Vedas.Jamadagni’s mother, Satyavati, was daughter of King Gadhi, a Kshatriya. The Vishnu Purana relates that when Satyavati was pregnant, her Brahman husband, Richika, prepared a concoction for her to eat for the purpose of securing that her son should be born with the qualities of a Brahman. He also gave another concoction to her mother that she might bear a son with the character of a warrior. The women changed the messes, and so Jamadagni, the son of Richika, was born as a warrior-Brahman, and Vishvamitra, son of the Kshatriya Gadhi, was born as a priest.

Renuka was an embodiment of chastity. This chastity enabled her to perform feats others coudnt imagine. Everyday she used to bring water from the river in a pot made of unbaked clay. One day while she was fetching the water from the river a handsome Gandharva named Chitraratha was passing by in a chariot. For a split second Renuka was infatuated for the handsome being. This weakened her powers and the pot dissolved in the river. Afraid to go back she waited near the riverbed. Sage Jamadagni through his powers came to know of all that had happened. He called his sons and asked them to go and behead Renuka. None of the sons were willing to do it except for Parashurama. The other sons were turned to stone. Parashurama went and beheaded his mother with the axe. He was the embodiment of obidiency. Jamadagni was pleased and told Parashurama to ask for boons. Parashurama asked that his mother be brought back to life and that his brothers be revived.

In the next issue we will know about some more sages and rishis of Hinduism.


Once upon a time, there lived in India a great and justice king. His name was Vikramaditya. After his death, his beautiful palace and the city of marble fell into ruins. People remembered nothing but his name. They remembered he was great ,good ,wise and gentle.

One day a few boys were ending their lows. The cows led them to a green mound among the ruins. The boys played, while the cows grazed in the fields.

One of the boys invented a game. “I shall be the Judge”, he said “and you shall bring your cases to me. I will do justice”.

The boy sat on the mound. The other boys ran away and whispered. They made a tale that was not just and brought it to the boy on the mound. He did justice. It was strange that the “Justice” was so full of wisdom Even though their play the boys felt that something wonderful had happened to the boy on the mound.

“He is a real judge, not a play judge, they said. They told the parents what had happened. Soon all the people in the village got into the habit of coming to the boy on the mound to settle their disputes. And everyone was always sure that his judgement was right.

There lived, close to the ruined city, a king. He was great and powerful. The story of the boy doing justice on the great mound reached his ears. The king laughed and said. “The boy is sitting on the seat of Vikramaditya. That is why he is wise”.

Then the king wished to posses the throne. He sent men to the mound with pickaxes and shovels. They dug away the boy’s green mound. They went deeper and deeper at last they come to a throne of black marble. Then the throne was taken to the palace of the king. A great day of rejoicing was proclaimed when the king would mount the throne was resting on the backs of twenty four beautiful carved eagles of the throne. On the day of great rejoicing the king came in state. He was accompanied by mace bearers. The men who carried the state jewels and the men, who funned him with great fans, made of the green – blue eyes of a peacocks tail followed the king. But when the was about to mount the throne, one of the carven eagles which bore the throne on its back came alive and spoke to the king.

“Stop” he said “Have you never wanted for yourself the kingdom of another? The king admitted that he had. He knew that his life was unjust “Then fast and pray for three days “Said the eagle” and come back again.

And the eagle flew away. After three days the king returned but the second eagle stopped him. “Have you never” he said “done harm to another, to rob him of his riches”.

The king said “yes ofters” “Then fast and “then fast and pray for three days” said the eagle, “and come again” In this manner each time the king returned to mount the throne, an eagle spoke and showed some evil of his life.

The king went away with sarrow to his three day’s fasting. Last of all, there was one eagle left. The king came walking slowly” This time I must sit on the throne” he said to himself.

“Stop” said this eagle also. “Unless you tell me that your heart is as pure as the heart of a child you can not sit on the throne”.

The king looked within and found that his heart was not pure as the heart of the child. “I am not worthy” said the king. But he knew that last eagle had solved the mystery of the green mound of grass and why the throne of vikramaditya where the Shepard boy did justice was denied to him, the great and mighty king. Only those who were pure in heart like a child could be perfectly just.